About Us

Welcome to the page Biblio-top-links!

Who We Are

The page Biblio-top-links is a joint project of public libraries in Switzerland. Librarians from the participating libraries put together the best link collections for all areas of knowledge and subject matter.

We are all about bringing truly useful information to the public that would be of great help in matters related to libraries, reading, and books. We want to make sure that more people know about the benefits of reading, as well as how they can do their part to spread the word on this matter. More people need to appreciate the written word in order to become better versions of themselves.
This is what we are trying to achieve by providing them with the kinds of tips, resources, and options that they might find useful. We are also heavily invested in making sure that the appreciation for libraries goes up. These hallowed institutions have formed the backbone of entire civilizations and their value simply cannot be measured by any normal means.

How We Work

Selected links will be commented on, so you can quickly get the information you want. Special Swiss-specific links are considered. Databases and other Internet services are only included if they are free of charge. In our sections you will find link collections as well as very good direct links.


The links are updated every 3 months by the working group


Since we have no influence on the contents of the linked websites, we assume no responsibility.