Top ten ways to search more effectively on Google


Every day millions of people use Google to search for information. You can even get more travelling to Amsterdam tips here. There is so much information to absorb. To sort through all the search results can take a while. You go into a site just to let them direct you to another one with the same primary effects as the earlier one you already investigated. There are ways to search more effectively on Google, and we share that today.

When you request information, you use specific keywords. Sometimes though it is not successful, it is more advisable to make small adjustments to the keywords that you type into the search question. The more keywords you use, the better the search outcome will be. You aim for targeted results, be as precise as possible. You want the best match for your search.

If you enter only two words, Google automatically assumes that you are looking for things related to both words. If you want to change this then instead use the word, ‘or’ in your queries. Be sure to type the word in uppercase, or Google will ignore it.

Google dismisses single words like ‘a’, ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘where’, ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘or’, if written in lowercase. These examples are called stop words and slow down your search. Google automatically uses its own shorter query. If you desire to include a stop word individually, you must enter a +sign before the word, include a space before the +sign and not after it.

You may exclude words by using the – operator. Preceding your query by the –operator, it is omitted from the search results.


Google helps your search for similar words if you use the ~ operator. If you include this operator in your search, Google will find all the pages and the appropriate synonyms. It will expand your search result and give you many options that you can choose.

If you located a web page with some of the information that you require but not all of it, and you want similar pages you use the: operator.

Searching for exact phrases on Google search, you need to enclose the phrase in quotation marks. The search will then be directed to select the correct keywords in the right order. See the results such as konga coupon gift card on display.

You do not need to learn to use all the advanced operators.  Google has an Advanced Search Page that gives you options on how to fine-tune your searches.

You can search within your search results. Scroll to the bottom of the first search result page and click the Search Within Results link. A new page is displayed with a new search box, and a smaller more focused list will be available.

More focused searches are possible if you search different sources of information, for example; the keyword ctrip promotion code visa, to list a few specific search areas like Blog search, Google Book Search, Google Maps and much more.

Researching how to search more effectively on Google is essential. Many are saying that Google knows everything if you search for the right keywords and find the right sites. All of us use this search engine for our benefit.